Thursday, March 14, 2013

I look to you

"As I lay me down
Heaven hear me now
I'm lost without a cause
After giving it my all
Winter storms have come
And darkened my sun
After all that I've been through
Who on earth can I turn to?
I look to you"

Tonight I just couldn't hear God. I couldn't focus. So I started browsing the internet, and I read my devo. I came across music that really touched me, two songs, "I look to You" by Whitney Houston and "Avalanche" by Hillsong. Music has so much power and I'm so glad God loves to be glorified in praise.
"And I find myself here on my knees again
Caught up in grace like an avalanche
Nothing compares to this love love love
Burning in my heart"

"Take my life. Take all that I am. With all that I am I will love you. Take my heart take all that I have. Jesus how I adore you. "
Take my life take everything! Please Lord Jesus

*Tonight I need you to rid me of me because tonight I find myself here on my knees again. I messed up again, so much just this week. I was trying to be a good host to Priscilla but I got selfish and lost my love. I was trying to focus on you every day this week for an hour and yet I get so distracted by people texting me that I neglect. I've gotten impatient, I've talked behind people's back. Yet tomorrow is Friday. Arme Bible camp is here and your Sabbath, dear God, is so soon. I love you so much God. I thank you for speaking to me and revealing some of your glory in my heart today. I love you so much.*

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