Thursday, February 28, 2013

Purity and the Media

About two weeks ago, I was riding back from a Gym Master tour and I saw that one of my guy friends was going to watch a movie. He didn't have anyone sitting next to him so I asked if I could watch too. He said of course and asked me what I wanted to watch. My response was "nothing bad".
He was like "Well does it look like I'm the type to watch bad movies?" He then proceeded to turn on a comedy movie. It said the f word twice, showed about 2 sex scenes, and made some inappropriate jokes..  he paused the movie, looked at me, and asked "What do you consider bad?" He said that this was probably an R rated movie and that we could switch movies. I felt bad but I said that'd be  cool if we could watch something else.
Today I read an article from SusieMag about movies, sex, and purity. There is a statistic that shows for every hour watched of sexual content in movies, teens are five times as likely to lose their virginity within six years. This should be very concerning.
If you know me well, you might make fun of me because I will normally watch Pg-13 movies but I close my eyes when couples make out or during sex scenes. You might think this is funny or just cute, but I honestly don't appreciate these scenes. I believe that kissing and sex are special. Not just for everyone to see, but reserved for one special person. I believe the more you look at sexual pictures of the hot girls and hot guys in the movies doing all this stuff, you will begin to want that in your life. It's unrealistic and stupid, to me it's kinda like porn. Tell me honestly after watching a sex scene with Taylor Lautner, or whoever you like in it, that you don't secretly want the guy you have sex with to look and act like that. That's not fair. And it's wrong!We talk about the dangers of pornography- but that's what these movies are. They're messing with our heads. You wonder why people are so perverted these days, making jokes about everything, it's because of the media. Clearly, the media has changed our generations' minds, perverting what is right and wrong (especially in relationships).
So what does God have to say about this? And what should this mean to those of us who want pure minds? Proverbs 4:23 says "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Purity is so much more than saying no to sex, it's about your thoughts, your minds, and your actions focusing on Christ. Should I start avoiding Pg-13 movies altogether? I'm not for sure yet, but I'm definitely considering it. I want a pure heart and mind and the media makes that a challenge. I know that choosing not to watch Pg-13 movies will cost me some "popularity" or "pleasure" from this world- but I know that I am called to be not of this world, but of Christ. He will reward our efforts in following Him.

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