Monday, February 11, 2013

Peru-v me wrong!

I want to go! I know this is my own will, but at the same time I have this feeling that it may be a God thing! This has been my dream since like forever.. to be a missionary, not just any missionary, but a jungle missionary- kinda =) Teaching and working at a clinic. I don't even mind the thought of giving shots and iv's. That's saying a lot, if you know me!
I want to go to Peru with Amor Projects.
And everybody keeps holding me back! They say Just Wait. Wait one more year.
But I say why? And they don't have good reasons- at least not in my book.
I get the maturity thing, and yes it's scary. Mom, I know their are lions in the jungle. I know the worlds not a sweet place. I know I'm sheltered. And I know it'll be rough, and I may cry myself to sleep for nights. I may get raped and I may die, but saying these things doesn't phase me. I'm just saying if God goes with me, then I'm not afraid.
I want to go so bad within- this is a heart-mind-and family battle. I am stubborn yes I understand. But prove me wrong, why wouldn't this next year be the perfect time to go?
5 Reasons Why I wanna go next year:
1. I want more of God and I think the things I learn abroad will be life changing!
2. I'm tired of America and studying!
3. This has been my dream since I was 5 and I'm not one to put off my dreams. Plus it's always been my goal to go sophomore year.
4. This trip will determine my career: whether nurse, PT, or life missionary.
5. My heart wants this- and I hope this is a God thing.
My prayer is if not God will you please stop me, slam the doors in my face, please God don't make it possible for me to go!! Give me no false hopes please stop me Father!
But God if you are calling me Here Am I! I am more than willing, ecstatic to serve you in this way. I pray you help me go and provide the finances. I pray you work it all out according to your plan.
So in you I trust God!
Not my will but yours Lord Jesus!
I want to leave you all with this verse, it's my verse for the week and I pray it touches your hearts as well.
You will keep him in perfect peace
Whose mind is stayed on you
Because he trusts in you
Isaiah 26:3
I don't know how you've been or what you are struggling with, but God promises peace in the midst of the storm as well as the sunshine!

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