Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Drown Dance

Today I taught swimming lessons. My little children are becoming quite the little rascals. My first class does very well. But in my second class, the children have quite a bit more energy and smaller ears for listening. Not only that, but whenever we do an activity they do not enjoy, they do what I like to call the "drown dance." Now the drown dance is whenever the child kicks their knees and feet whichever way they please, pounds on the water with their hands, and begins to sink towards the bottom of the pool. God bless my kids in that second class because my patience wears quite quickly with them. Needless to say, they drown and I shove them off to the side and forfeit the learning for the day.

Unfortunately, I identify with these little rascals and their drown dance when I think about my relationship and trust in God. I'm like "Ok God I trust you, I am swimming confidently with your hand on my back. " But then a distraction like a hot guy, or a tough decision comes up and I start the drown dance. Freaking out I yell to God "Ahhhh what do I do, I'm drowning! Are you really holding me?" I lose peace and begin an attitude of chaos and distress. I begin to drown in all parts of my life and am desperate for anyone to rescue me: whether it be a kind soul to vent too or a guy to hug me.

When problems come into your life, how is your faith? It's easy to have faith when everything is going good but what about when you realize that you don't have a job, your not making all A's, your running out of money, or you still don't have a boyfriend (pick me!) You need to remember that if you choose to follow Christ, you are choosing to follow Him through the good and the bad, the blessings and the persecution, the things that you like and the things that you despise. God is not going to let you drown! But sometimes He has to teach you things that you may find unpleasant in order to make you better servants of Him.

Sometimes I go through phases where I feel stagnant in my spirituality. Other times I freak out about various problems and lose sight of God who I am following. Don't forget that God will never let You drown; He is always right beside you. When you try to take control of your own life and problems, you begin to kick, scream, and the "drown dance" happens... God is still there saying "peace my child, I love you."

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

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