Thursday, February 21, 2013

butterflies in my tummy

I feel funny
I feel happy
I feel wiggly
I feel butterflies in my tummy

I feel dreamy
I feel hopeful
I feel giggly
I feel butterflies in my tummy.

Have you ever watched "The Ultimate Gift?" That movie makes me want to cry. I love the part where the girl who is about to die talks about heaven being like butterflies. Now when I think of butterflies I think of heaven too, when we will be home forever.
What is it about butterflies that makes them so special?
They are beautiful and they fly. They seem so pure.
When I was a young girl I used to want to catch butterflies, most children do, as our favorite senses seem to be touch and taste.
But after I caught a beautiful butterfly, my mom told me I was hurting it and that because I touched it, the butterfly may never be able to fly again. Butterflies scales on their wings are very sensitive.
This brings me to think about us and this world.
See you like the butterfly pictures above were made beautiful.
You were soooo pretty, you were a masterpiece.
And then God gave you these special abilities, just like how butterflies fly, you were given special talents, even better than flying.
You were a beautiful creation and the angels oohed and ahhed over you.
But then Satan came into the picture and started destroying with you, tampering with your wings, trying to ruin your ability to fly.
Satan doesn't like the fact that God followers will all fly away to live with Him after this earth so He messes with us.
Just like I grabbed the butterflies wings and injured his delicate scales,
Satan tells us lies. He tempts us and deceives us. In his hands, we are hurt and we lose our ability to fly.
He doesn't want us to realize we are beautiful, prettier than the butterflies.
He doesn't want us to realize we are loved and sought after more than children chase butterflies.
He doesn't want us to realize that with God's help we can still fly.
But God does, and He says My child you will fly. I will heal your wings. YOU WILL FLY TODAY

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