Sunday, January 27, 2013


She is ugly.
She sometimes cries out with disgusting noises, only to be ignored.
Finally they get annoyed and pick her up
They take her out of the room, but others refuse to accompany her
No one wants to sit by her because her presence is disgusting
Every seat she sits on is covered in pee.
Turns out she has wet pants that no one bothers to change.
She follows me around, anxious to be touched
She makes motions with her hands, and weird noises, but I don't understand
She wants someone to listen, someone to care, but nobody tries
Her presence is unwanted
Her body is ugly, and her face is covered in warts
Nobody likes her.
I look around for someone to love her
Someone to hold her hand, whisper her a story, or give her some juice
Surely she can comprehend Love
But won't somebody else do it
I look around for someone to love her
Do I really need to be the one
She's just so ugly

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