Friday, January 11, 2013

my heart and my dreams

Today I got to listen live to a beautiful message from the creator of Veggietales and the Big Idea project. He shared about how after failing Bible college, God did a miracle and helped him create veggietales one of the most popular Christian video series ever made. He shared about how his company grew and grew miraculously all because he had faith and hard work.. But he didn't stop there. He shared about how Big Idea turned into a very bad thing and how Veggietales was taken away from his life.
He shared about how his pride had overcome him. About how he began to make the Big Idea and even inspiring others his focus instead of Christ. He said " The impact God puts on us does not occur when we are searching for impact but when we are searching for God." This meaning, if we want to make a difference we don't need to browse through charities and search for a big mission, we need to get in touch with our Creator. He knows our hearts, he knows our dreams, and He wants us to make a difference. But He wants us to care about Him more than anything else.

Dreams are dangerous if they are not directly from God.
They might be misplaced lovers or false hopes; they might be great goals. But no matter how good intentioned they are, if they are not from God they are not for us. Anything that takes up our heart, mind, and body needs to be of pure God inspired quality. Wanting a boyfriend does not fall into that category. Why isn't a Christian guy with good values an appropriate dream for your heart? These dreams are deceiving us that what we have right now: God, is not enough. Even good things can become idols. My health for life teacher said Satan just wants to get us in ditches. He doesn't care what kind. They may be good ditches that help others and they may be bad, they are still ditches that stop us from our journey upward towards Christ.

I struggle with this a lot, so I understand how tough this sounds. I'm not saying that we should be lazy or not have goals or even dreams. I believe dreams are powerful, but I also believe they are dangerous. Do you believe Satan can inspire dreams because I definitely do. I have plenty of dreams on my own. I'm a dreamy, imaginative, romantic girl. Who would have thought? =) But I feel God warning me: Be careful my child for some of your dreams are not what I have planned for you.
I don't want to dream in any other name but Jesus Christ. I don't want my heart to be filled with anything other than Christ's love. Therefore, I must guard my heart. I must guard my dreams. Proverbs 4:7 Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life
I really feel like God is calling me to filter my dreams. He has big plans for me, and I don't want my plans to get in the way of His. I need to stop dreaming and focusing on Christ, because no matter what happens, God is enough.

Some of my dreams:
 to hang out with my friends again and all work together at summer camp together
 to be a girls counselor again and change girls' lives
 to get a boyfriend
 to make good grades in Physical therapy
 to be beautiful and super fit
 to get my WSI

While you might think these are all good dreams, maybe even beneficial to other people, I see that in my heart, my focus is not where it should be. I don't want to worry about where to work at summer camp. I don't want to spend time wondering what I should do this summer and if my friends will be there to experience it with me. I have realized this year that sometimes even good things, like friends, can become idols in our life. Anything we love more than God is an idle. What if I said anything I thought about more than God is an idle? Point taken, I am praying for full surrender. We can not do this on our own, but God wants to change us. He stands at the door of our hearts knocking. He asks us to take Him in and let Him lead our lives. He asks us to kneel and give up our worries, our hopes, and even our biggest dreams. When we give Him our hearts, you can count on joy. You can also count on an amazing adventure and fight with Satan that will be the most epic battle you have ever expierenced. Finally, you can count on having a best friend and a Father by your side through anything, making you more beautiful day by day.
I want this and I hope you do. Christ wants to transform us. Right now I give him my heart.

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