Thursday, January 24, 2013


So God doesn’t want what we have “naturally” or the things we were born with, our special abilities that we claim as “ours”. God doesn’t want us to make natural things spiritual things, he wants to start new. Thus God must corrupt confidence in natural values, in order to destroy those natural things that are our instincts. That way he can give us spiritual thoughts and spiritual things.He must destroy what we have going on or going for us.

“The life God plants in us develops its own virues”

The sign that God is working in us is that he corrupts confidence in us of the natural values. He corrupts our identity, what we were good at, what we were known for causing us to re-evaluate ourselves and our lives.

He has to corrupt our natural love, so we can love spiritually. He has a better plan in mind for us, but sometimes He may have to hurt our hearts a little to get us there.

The biggest change is in the heart. He has to make us look to Him and focus on Him 100%. When we feel like things are going our own way it’s easy for us to get distracted. If life was easy, why would we need God? This is why God often has to disrupt our “nice lives” or “drama-free lives”. Spiritual things are different from natural things. Natural things cannot become spiritual. Spiritual things are supernatural, out of this world, spiritually divine. The more we become spiritual people the more we will be challenged to act differently than the rest of the world, to be crazy, to be radical, to be Christ-like in everything we do. Christ was a radical man; skeptics may call Him a lunatic.

When our spiritual minds change, our actions and attitudes will change. New spiritual gifts will be revealed that were previously unknown. We will be a whole new person and can look back upon our history and say, "Can you believe that used to be me?"
Inspired by Oswold Chambers: My Utmost for His Highest

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