Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Maybe you made New Years Resolutions, maybe you didn't. I encourage you to take some time to stop and look at your life. What was the last year like for you? If it wasn't good or wasn't Christ-filled I encourage you to change.
The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. How many times do we go around circles or phases in our life? We have to fight to be with Christ because it is a battle for our hearts, minds, and physical bodies. It takes prayer and the armor of God.
Therefore put on the full armor of God that you may take your stand against the devil's schemes. Put on the breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shoes of peace, helmet of salvation, and sword of the spirit. Be in prayer continually!
Ok let's take some time to look at the last year of your life and what God has done for you. I will ask a question and then take some time to read it and think about it before looking at my answers.

What miracles or amazing things has God helped you accomplish the past year?
What struggles did you overcome with God's help the past year?
What did God teach you the last year?
How much time did you spend in the Word and in prayer last year?
How much did you share Christ's love with others last year?

For me, last year was a big year. I transitioned from Campion to Southern college. I got my dream job as a counselor last year at Wewoka Woods as I got to teach young girls about Christ. That summer I was introduced to the devil and the true warfare of Christ. After that summer, I began to be more vocal and real about my walk with God. I joined a Bible study with a few friends and began to study God's warfare and prophecy. I have learned a lot about Christ this past year!

What miracles has God helped me accomplish?
* I made Southern Gym Masters! If you knew me before I joined the team or even now, you would agree with me that this is a miracle =) I'm not exactly graceful or flexible.
*I got an amazing roomie- ok that's just a blessing.
* hmm ok this is a lot harder than you think ;)
What struggles did you overcome with God's help the past year?
* Playing on a guys baseball team
* Priscilla =)
* Keeping peace at summer camp
* Being homesick at Southern
*Depending on other people too much
* My identity
What did God teach you the last year?
* He will provide for you at the perfect time when you need Him desperately.
* He will never leave you even when you feel all alone.
*He has a perfect plan for your life.
* He will be your Daddy.
*He will kiss your cheek and call you beautiful.
How much time did you share Christ's love with others last year?
Not enough!!! I did Bible studies and tried to tell my girls in the summer about God. I'm in a lifegroup and did some outreach during the year. At the beginning of the year I went to prayer around the flagpole, that was a true blessing.
How much time did you spend in the Word and in prayer?
I started trying to read through the Bible but unfortunately I did not succeed. For the first time I began going to a lonely place out in nature for a while and spending time with God and that helped me a lot. I didn't spend nearly enough time with God.

My challenge to you: Discover Christ in a new way this year!
Whether it be by keeping a prayer journal or life journal, starting your own blog, taking time to go out in nature by yourself, singing praise songs at the top of your lungs, or starting a new ministry.
Make God your number one!
What is coming between you and God? Do what it takes to change that. This is something I am currently battling with.
Spend an hour a day with Christ.
This seems so much but it is really not. It doesn't have to be all in prayer and Bible reading. This year I am going to try and read through the Bible with the Bible reading plan above. If you would like to join me, please message me or comment! I am also going to try and read all 5 Ellen G White books Coach gave me. Maybe you don't want to read the whole Bible through in one year, that's ok. Do what you can.
I pray you don't walk with God this next year. I pray you run the race, follow His footsteps even those that are hard to see. I pray you protect your heart and your mind by spending time in His word. Above all, I pray that you realize YOU are so BEAUTIFUL and LOVED by your King. You were made to be CAPTIVATING =)

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