Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learning God's Will

Today in Sabbath school we talked about learning God's will for our lives. These are the 8 steps that were outlined.

1. Know will of your own in the given manner.
2. Don't simply go by feeling.
3. Study God's word and seek Biblical guidance.'
4. Consider providential circumstances including those in the past.
5. Consult with Godly friends.
6. Ask God in prayer to reveal His will.
7. Make a decision and don't wait for a sign. Tell God what your decision is.
8. Proceed with your decision and ask God to stop you and close the door if you chose the wrong option.

My 2 goals for this week:
* Start every day on my knees in prayer.
* Walk with my head up, smile, and make eye contact with people I don't know.

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