Monday, January 21, 2013


I love how God works.  I was so down on myself just a minute ago- I know Satan was telling me lies. Trying to deceive me, distract me, and put me in a dark hole. "Your not good enough for gym masters.. you suck as a juggler and a gymnast." Excuse me Satan but I made the team. I was chosen, chosen by Coach and inspired by God to go for it. And even though it's hard, and I won't be the best, and I will drop juggling balls a lot, I have a purpose on the team. God is training me. He is teaching me patience and character. This is an adventure- that will never be forgotten- a once in a lifetime opportunity that I just couldn't let go of. And this year, I have gotten stronger arms, learned to base and stand on 2 highs, performed juggling routines around the nation, learned to balance a ball, and learned a back handspring on the trampoline: so Satan leave me alone.
For my hope is not in my own strength, not my own skills, nor flexibility (praise God =) My hope is in God and He loves working through my weaknesses, through my falls, because He wants to catch me every time to show me just how much He loves me. I do not regret this decision even though it is not easy. But I do not want my life to be easy, I want it to be God honoring, God glorifying, and a mighty fight for victory.

We must take every thought captive for the Lord.
So what are you battling in your mind? You think your not good enough, not talented enough, not pretty enough? Forget it girl because God chose you. Satan is constantly trying to get us down- to knock us into ditches- and He does this through our mind.

Faith is surrendering to the thought patterns of our Lord.

Our thoughts should be consistent with heaven.

If you agree with what the enemy wants you to think you are empowering him.

As foolish as it is to worship angels it is as foolish as it is to ignore them- We should live with the confidence that we have angels around us at all times, aware of spiritual presence.

Let our passions burn for Jesus Christ that we may be desperate for His love, mercy, and healing.

God bless friends!

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