Thursday, December 20, 2012

Your God Spot

This is a vacation of my dreams! God has definitely blessed!!
Being at the beach is where I feel most confident in Christ.
I feel His love as I look into the sky.
I feel His power as I feel the waves rush against my body.
I feel His grace as I wash the seashells get carried far away from shore and know that my sins are further than the east is from the west =)
I feel renewed and reborn as I go underwater in the salty freshness.
When I breathe the air and let my hair fly in the wind I feel captivating.
And I know I was born for this.  To swim. To run. To sing in the ocean. To shout God's love to everyone's around. Have you ever had those times where you have this unexplainable peace and joy? Well the ocean is like that for me. I see God's glory. I see His face. I feel His love.
So yes in the ocean I find God the most.

Where do you find God?

Do you find Him in the mountains when you gaze upon the stars, and suddenly in the night sky you see something bold and beautiful flying in the air and realize God has gifted you with a shooting star?

Do you find Him when you go into your closet, close the door, and get on your knees?

When you sing your favorite hymn or maybe listen to Addison Road "What do I know of holy?"

When you get out your favorite colors and paint a picture or journal in your favorite book?

Where do you find God the most? Where can you see His glory? And where can you experience that spiritual, renewing grace?

Find your God place. Find your God spot. I encourage you to search for something where you can always have God. For me, it's in the water or in nature, but it might be something totally different for you. If you have found it, make it sacred. If you haven't, keep looking. I believe that each one of us are created with a special unique connection to God. Try new things, if you haven't found God maybe you're not looking. I challenge you to see how many places you can find God today. And whenever your feeling sad, tired, or worn out, go to your God spot. Go to your God place where you can feel God's love radiating toward you because You Are His Child.

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