Friday, December 21, 2012


Today I was at the beach- singing praise songs to God at the top of my lungs- and I decided to go for a swim. I was all by myself, but I really feel invincible in the ocean so I had no fear. Today was a stormy day for Naples; the beach waves were unusually choppy and strong. I swam hard into the waves. I was having a blast and laughing. All of a sudden, I realized I was getting out pretty far. I started to swim in towards shore but it didn't work. My strokes were taking me nowhere against the strong current of the sea. For a moment, I worried. Is my destiny to die on the beach in Naples drowning even as a lifeguard and WSI. Then I remembered what many whitewater rafting instructors and even my lifeguard instructor and parents had taught me: don't swim against the current. It's too strong. Swim with the current sideways and try to get out of undertow. So swim to the side I did and finally the waves stopped carrying me away from shore. I began to swim in towards shore safely. I had been praying and I praised God for keeping me safe and helping me escape the undertow.

There will be rough times in our life. Everyone has their own struggles, their own battles they have to fight. Sometimes you face a battle that you can't win on your own. Some examples would be struggles with pornography, drugs, a boy addiction, facebook addiction, self-conceit, self-hatred, lust, or a problem with a family member. Some of my battles are low self-esteem, selfishness, clinging to the past, dwelling in the future, boy relationships, eating problems... the list goes on.

These things bring us down. They are Undertow. They want to pull us away from God. Pretty soon, you can't fight back. You will just keep drifting further and further away. Away from God and away from your Christian friends and mentors who can help you.

What can you do to escape undertow? To escape the things that separate you and God: SIN? Pray to God don't fight the evil. You can't fight it yourself. You have to pray and avoid the problem. Don't look at it; don't focus on it, especially without God's help. Look at Christ. Move your face to view the cross and what Jesus has overcame.

When you pray to God and look to Him for guidance, he promises to provide a way out of every evil or distressing situation no matter how bad the outlook may be. Take His hand and thank Him for his deliverance. Be careful not to jump back into the waves you just were rescued from =)

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