Thursday, December 20, 2012

Second Coming of Christ!!!

"The world is set in self-indulgence. Errors and myths are everywhere. All who would perfect holiness in the fear of God must learn temperance and self-control. (2 Corinthians 7:1) They must keep the appetites and passions under the control of the higher powers of the mind. This self discipline is essential if we are to develop that mental strength and spiritual insight that enable us to understand and practice the truths of God's word." - Ellen White "Great Controversy"

The world is supposed to end tonight at 12 pm according to the Mayan calendar. Do people believe that the world is going to end? The answer is yes. I was just reading and if the world doesn't end today, it might end in 2013-2014 because of solar flares, the new deadly thing.

It may look beautiful, but it's actually deadly. Our world may look opportunistic but it's actally ending quite soon. The Lord is coming!!! I say that yet even I'm not completely convinced. I'm comfortable, too comfortable, just like the Laodicean church in the end times. According to prophesy the time of God has got to be near. This world is deadly; it's evil, and getting scarier day by day.
Just consider the shootings of 20 poor innocent kindergardeners. Jesus is coming soon!
Are you ready?
Are you prepared?
And if you believe it, are you living each and every day like you believe it? If you knew that Jesus would come tomorrow how would you live today?

Great Controversy says "All who became citizens of Christ's kingdom, he said, would give evidence of faith and repentance. Their lives would exhibit kindness and devotion. The would minister to the needy, shield the defenseless, and be examples of virtue and compassion."

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