Friday, November 30, 2012


We see pain everyday and we pass it by. We look the other way. We say "I'm sorry" but do we mean it? We've became so numb to so much around this. We are trying to protect our self. Jesus calls us to be vulnerable for Him.
I've heard the crucifixion story multiple times. Last summer a girl at camp came to me crying, what she said really changed my perspective. She said "I can feel it", "it's like I can feel his pain" and "it hurts him so bad". She was crying and desperate. She just kept saying how she could feel the pain of the cross and how much Jesus suffered for her and she couldn't believe He did it for her. She was truly mourning because of her sins and how much they cost Jesus.
When have I been moved to tears because of the story of the cross? When I was little, sure. Oh I'm sure it hurt, and of course I love Jesus... but. BUT? But I've heard this story so many times, it's just like science to me, it happened it's over, it's now. Yes I try to thank Jesus. I pray to him sometimes and thank him for his sacrifice.
No that's NOT ENOUGH.
How do we grasp the crucifixion? The true story of GRACE? It's our PURPOSE our HOPE and our reason of LIVING and BREATHING. How do we embrace the cross? We die to our own. We take up our cross, our battle, and surrender it to God just like Jesus did. Take a moment with me to think about a battle that you are currently facing. Post it as a comment below when you are willing to surrender it to God the way he surrendered his cup of pain and misery: crucifixion. This is a beautiful poem. Prayerfully read it. I hope you are blessed.

Take This Cup

I imagine the pain He felt
As He walked to the Garden to pray.
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
Facing the greatest challenge of His days.

Knowing the agony and suffering,
Shame and despair that will certainly be
As He’d take my sins upon His back
And walk the road to Calvary.

“Take this cup,” He pled that night
To His Father in reverent cries.
“Not My will but Yours be done,”
As tears of blood fell from His eyes.

In that Garden called Gethsemane
He accepted what was to come…
Sacrificial love for you and for me,
Though He would be mocked by some.

He would be beaten and flogged
Until His flesh was cruelly torn,
A mockery of the King of Kings
Was made in a crown of thorns.

With humble resolve He carried out
The will of the Father that day,
But I will never forget His fears
That He felt in the Garden’s stay.

I see Him kneeling, crying out
To “Take this cup from Me!”
And I often sit and quietly reflect
On my own Garden of Gethsemane.

There have been events in my life
That I’ve asked the Father to take.
But victory came after the fall!
And glory came for Jesus’ sake.

Had the cup been taken away,
The events changed or removed,
Would we have seen God at work?
Would there be salvation for me or you?

No, the victory came after His fall!
Defeat was no longer claimed!
And so we shall claim the prize
Of Eternal Life through Jesus’ name!

Jesus asked, “Take this cup…”
But God the Father fully knew,
This was the only way to show
His most precious love for me and you.

What is your “cup” that you pray about?
Where is your Garden today?
God knows the steep roads ahead
And He’ll guide you all the way.

In the end His glory will shine
Just like it did that third day….
Find your Gethsemane and His will is revealed
Each time you go there to pray.

“Not My will but Yours be done.”
Is what Jesus’ example portrays,
And may we seek to humbly accept
The “cup” that comes our way.
Lucy Cain

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